Friday, March 9, 2012

Time to Embrace  our Personal Power
Being a loving selfless person is a great thing...but combine those traits with struggling self-esteem, being out of balance or “other” centered and you may find that you have been giving your power away. 
People can’t take our power without our permission.  But we can give it away with out realizing it. Especially if you have what Cheryl Richardson calls the “Disease to Please”. And believe me that is a disease of epidemic proportions!

Becoming aware of when and how you give your power away is the first step to owning and embracing it. This requires that you check in with your feelings when you notice you are feeling weak, ill, stressed, or like a victim and catch yourself in the act of giving it away.

The only way to own your power is to take 100% responsibility for your life, your choices and your actions.  Jack Canfield says to drop all the reasons you can’t succeed if you want to get ahead.  When we have set backs, we get side tracked with blame and excuses and victim stories we give away the power of personal responsibility.

Look closely and examine what really matters to you. Begin to discover your mission, vision, and purpose.  Positive change in the direction of personal power starts with awareness, understanding and acknowledgement. Shift away from focusing on your weak or negative characteristics and spend more time enjoying and embracing what you do best.

 Ken Robert teaches, “Confidence is all about learning to trust your self. You have to build that kind of trust, when you do you build confidence” learn to trust yourself and see yourself as God sees you. 

Don’t shortchange yourself or your potential to accomplish your goals and live a powerful life.

 Stepping into your own light and out of the shadows of fear. Stepping into your power is a choice and an ability that grows stronger the more you do it.

 Challenges rain down upon all of us. And each time we are presented with a trial we have a choice in how we address it.  Love or fear? Bitter or better? Powerful or weak?  Gary Zukav shares that “We have a right to be frustrated, we have a right to be fearful. We also have a right to be loving and happy. We have lot’s of rights…there are always choices which are you going to choose?

Our situations will change when we change – and we can change any time we like. Since “personal power is the ability to take action” says Tony RobbinsLet’s start today to own and embrace our personal power!
What is the first action you can take begin creating the life you were truly created to live...and love!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of saying NO

Embracing the power of saying no I love living in an atmosphere of Yes! Yes I am, Yes I can, yes to adventure! Yes to Joy, Yes to life…Yes! Yes, yes! Saying “Yes” feels
abundant and empowering…I love living in the light, energy and power of a
“yes to life” attitude. And that means learning to say “No” when
appropriate, for when you say, "Yes," when you really mean, "No," you feel
resentful about whatever it was that you agreed to do.
This creates a huge energy drain emotionally and physically. Too much of the
wrong kind of yes and you begin to feel like Bilbo Baggins, in Lord of the
Rings when he said "I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread."

No seems like a simple two letter word, so why is saying “No” so much harder
than saying, yes?

The other day I was in a situation where I felt pressured to do something I
really did not want to do. The people pleaser inside of me said. “Of course!
Yes, No problem…”(20 letters) instead of “No” (2 letters) But as soon as
this false and people pleasing “Yes” came out of my mouth a little voice
inside of me started jumping up and down, stomping and screaming saying “No
way…are you kidding me? What are you thinking?, you know you don’t want to
do that!”…My lips said “yes” but my heart said “no” and it is time to listen
to my heart. Honoring this awareness I did something that we are all allowed
to do. I realigned my heart, mind and voice and said, “Hmm on second
thought, No I won’t be able to do that. Thank you so much for thinking of
me” The split second before the words no emerged from my lips, the people
pleaser in me panicked and said ” you are risking a lot. They might not
still like, love, and adore you if you say no!”…But I am embracing a truly
authentic life so I took the leap, honored my inner voice and the most
amazing thing happened. It felt fabulous! I felt this huge power surge! I
immediately had more energy, light, vision and joy! I honored my inner truth
and stayed on my path. It was exhilarating.

No" is such a powerful word let’s honor ourselves our truth and our path by
saying no when necessary allowing ourselves to embrace life with a heart
full of Yes!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making your list of 100 wishes and dreams!

Listen to today's podcast of "Embracing your Creative Spirit" on Inspired at home radio and click on this link for a more in depths version of today's theme of "Awakening to unlimited possibilities"

I grew up in the shadow of Disneyland. Less than 45 minutes away and we went a lot!...In fact we bought those wonderful "E" tickets every time a relative came to town and I loved it. But besides the Amazing Glassblowing artist in Sleeping Beauty's castle that made hand blown glass Tinkerbell necklaces ( $5.00 would buy you a delicate glass Tinkerbell that would last at least until your next trip to the park) and Tinkerbell herself who flew across the sky at 9:00 and midnight ( my dad said she was on a wire. I always just thought that she must be cold).
Disneyland had a few mysteries of its own that I as a very young child could not solve. The most important one being. Who were all those people eating spaghetti at the end of the Pirate
s of the Caribbean ride and how did they get off the boat with out getting in trouble or even wet...?( you know right before you went up that last hill and thought you were in for a doosey of a ride but actually you just went a few more feet and then the ride ended:( And what did they do to get to eat spaghetti and watch us float by? And what was I going to have to do to join them????. Of course those thoughts only lasted about as long as the aroma of Spaghetti and Garlic bread and by then I was off and running to the next ride..
But now and then the answer to that mystery haunted me more than how they got that ladies head in the glass ball to talk in the Haunted mansion...
Or where did they find those Mermaids who waved at you from the lagoon during the Submarine ride?

Fast forward about 20 years and I still did not really know the how to get my pirate spaghetti. But I had other things to wonder about like how to raise happy healthy babies. I attended a class on how to help my children excel in s
chool and the women who taught the class locked the door and said the following.

"The fact that you are here tells us that you are wonderful people and great parents that care about your families....But tonight we are not going to teach you anything about helping your kids through school. We are going to teach you how to get in touch with your joy and your dreams knowing that in turn doing this will help your children succeed better than anything that we could teach you. In fact we are going to help you create a list of 100 Wishes and Dreams...a list of things just for you, that you can do to have a little more joy in your life and help you keep from getting so caught up with everyone and every thing that you wake up one morning and can't find your joy or even remember what it looks like anymore. And so they did.
And we all started our life changing lists. 2 hours later I was still struggling with what to write and only up to about number 25. But I do remember that one of the first 5 was Eat Pirate Spaghetti and Garlic bread at the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland! ( Which I did and every time I watched a kid with wide eyes float by wondering how we got that Pirate Spaghetti I wanted to throw him a life raft and pull them up to the table with me.

The world can be overwhelming and get a little out of control. It is just soo easy to get caught up in the "Thick of Thin Things" even ( especially) the most loving caring best intentioned people can forget to make time to specifically put joyful little moments in to their lives. I believe that "man is that he might have joy" yet we neglect ourselves to the point of emotional exhaustion, one moment at a time. Giving but not replenishing, Not filling up our own wells. Many of us often look to the future. the "If only"...or "someday when ( fill in the blank)...then I will be happy" attitudes. If we are not careful " life's a meeting and then you die" can be our unintentional motto.

So here's the plan. As you begin to make a list of 100 Wishes and Dreams you have to begin to think on a very different level. You have to think about YOU, Not just "how do I look?" or "Is there Toilet paper on my shoe?" More like "Remember when I was a kid and I thought it would be really neat if I could"... or "Someday I'm going to..." It may have been so long since you thought on this level that it might take a little while to get there but keep trying! You are definitely worth spending time on.

And please don't confuse being "self loving" with being "selfish"...Although for a few moments it might feel that way to you. You are just being more like-your-self. and I have found that the more you get to know You and the more that you find out about the things that you like and start doing them one joyful moment at a time the more you will begin to smile those smiles that don't just start on your face, the ones that burst out from way down deep inside The ones that mean something and feel good and last. and the ones that bring joy to other people and warm their hearts.I used to think that you were really only "allowed" to have a few "Greatest Moments of Your Life" Like when you fall in love, or have a child or win the gold medal. You know stuff like that.
But now I plant pink sweet peas ( only the pink ones) because I love them. and when my sweet children pick them for their teachers and ask me to tie them up with a ribbon I say to myself " This is the greatest moment of my life!" And it is. and then I smile a big, warm smile.Take a deep breath and cherish that moment.

Life is too short there are too many things out of our control. Illness, death and chaos take over with out invitation or warning. You are living and breathing right now, this moment...savor it, make the most of it, fill it with the fulfillment of one of your 100 Wishes and Dreams!

Fast forward to the end of your life.What don't you want to miss out on when all is said and done? I am not talking 'If only I had a billion more dollars or a different body or in laws. I am talking things that you can with some effort, specifically put into your own life.
You wave the magic wand. You be the genie and grant
yourself wishes..not just three but at least 97 +3
Quit blaming your parents that you are not a concert pianist because they gave you lessons but did not make you practice. Life is made up of a lot of little moments, and remember that the little things are the big things.

Now it is your turn. Begin again to find out just who you really are, in case you have forgotten or never really took the time to know. Only you have the power to make these dreams come true Do you have any? Do you even know what th
ey are any more? Maybe it is time for some new ones and to cross off some old ones and to smile from way down deep!
Here are a few of mine to give you some ideas...

1. *Eat at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland( with out getting in trouble or getting wet)
2. *Make your own humongous (cupcake size) Marshmallows from the Joy of Cooking and roast them over a fire
3. *Learn to make excellent pie crust
4. *Get a Watsu water massage

5. *Get "real Cacoa beans" and make my own chocolate (at this time they were not imported)
6. *Run in a half marathon
7. Run in a Marathon

8. Compete in a triathlon
9. Do a nature survival for 5+ days
10. *Have a candle light bubble bath in fact have lot's of them ( and read and drink tea and eat chocolate cake)
11. Ride in a Gypsy wagon in Ireland

12. *Plant all the pink sweet peas you could ever want
13. *Read the Chronicles of Narnia to my children..and do the voices
14. *Eliminate all polyester clothing from my wardrobe and only wear silk, silk velvet, cotton
and hemp and lot's of vintage
15. Plant all the lacinato Kale that I can dream of
16. Plant all my favorite fruit trees

17 *Go to Hawaii and eat coconuts off the trees
18. Go to Costa Rica and slide down a waterfall and eat fruit from the trees
19.* Watch the sunrise at Mt Haleakala

20. Find a great recipe to make "stretchy chewy salt water taffy" and make it with my kids
21.* Learn to knit and knit a great hat
22. Create a Mermaid Theme Art Studio
23. Build and live in a wonderful Straw Bale house on my own land 5 to 40 acres
24. *Alternate having an "over the top" Faerie party and "Mermaid under the sea party" Every year with very cool costumes
25. *Only drink from Glass glasses ( no plastic cups or dishes ever) and serve from cool vintage every day China
26. *Hold a fabulous Tea party with my girls every spring
27. *Always have a current Temple recommend
28. Be peaceful and Joyful, In that order
29. Play the piano at Christmas with the family singing along on " Fudge making night"
30. *Feel free to "unleash my inner eccentric" as I choose
31. Let my surrounds reflect my creative joy
32. Find and buy a vintage silk ivory colored piano shawl with soft pink and yellow embroidered cabbage roses like the one I passed up on my honeymoon
32. Have buff but not bulky arms!
etc. etc. etc
* equals crossed off

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it Time to "Re-Boot" your Creative Spirit?

( to hear this post "live" you can go to and click on the July 26 radio clip under Katheryn Bieber "Embracing your creative spirit" segment. I do a weekly Inspired at home radio show on Sunday evenings with my Aleenes Creative Living pals, Tiffany Heidi, Aleene and more
We have a great time listen in some time...o.k. now...back to the blog:)

Have you ever had the experience of being really moved by someone’s art, blog or the expression of their creativity and then suddenly your emotions swing from a place of delight and admiration to a sinking, sickening feeling of depression or even panic? Maybe you say to yourself..”oh no!…They are so much more talented, or creative than I am…They are using my same idea… and they are doing it better!” Feeling like there was nothing left for you to offer the world? Well, you are not alone. I am pretty sure that we have all had that experience at one time or another…for what ever reason, most of the time when we make the mistake of comparing ourselves with others.. Guess what? We come up short! The question is how do we swing the pendulum back up to delight and celebrating our sisters gifts while recognizing and moving forward with our own?

First off we need to embrace our own power. Remember this. Your creative spirit is unique in all the world. When you allow joyful creative light to flow through the prism of your personality your art will touch the world in a way that nothing and no one else can… and that is important to remember as
the way we see ourselves determines what we think we are able to do and in turn what we are willing to try so …this is really important stuff

Sometimes we need to remind our selves of just how fabulous we are.

A few of easy ways to “reboot your joy” are to keep a kindness folder or scrapbook of things you are really proud of and notes from other people who get how amazing you are even when you forget from time to time…you might fill a special drawer, or create a gratitude journal of your talents and blessings. Jack Canfield encourages us to make a victory log of at least 50 accomplishments, things that that you might be especially proud of. We’ve all got at least 50 things to list even if we have to way back to learning walk or ride a bike or finger paint etc.
Leah Kolidas teaches “When you begin to doubt yourself, go to your folder, read a few of the notes you've saved, and soak up the love”
I have a special box filled with Rainy day toys that I use when I am having an emotionally rainy day. It contains a tiara, that I might don and prance around in...

plus some beautiful things that make me feel happy to look at and touch and some favorite quotes, letters and
photos, prisms, a bubble wand, rescue remedy, and maybe even a little chocolate...

The bottom line is this….People who feel good about themselves produce good results. In turn people who love and feel amazing about them selves. produce loving and amazing results…


So I challenge you to take a few minutes this week…start a kindness journal, a special scrapbook dedicated to your creative success, a victory log or creative rainy day box. Begin today to make a safe place where you can easily “reboot your joy”, remind yourself how fabulous you are, and soak up the love!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am an eat-WHAT-EVER-I-WANT-a-tarian!

That is right..let me say it again cause it feels so good!
I am an Eat-what-ever-I-want-atarian and proud of it.
While I have always been my own sort of rebel.
I have resisted and still resist labels of all kinds. Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw fooder, etc. The minute I say I am one thing or another...something inside of me wants to rebel.
The truth is that if I give myself "permission" to eat what ever I want or desire...Most of the time it is Fresh, raw, ripe, organic, local, beautiful fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds and nuts...
But there is more to the story. I know that if I eat sugar and processed foods...guess what..I crave more sugar and processed food. I don't feel good or vibrant or beautiful ... big surprise there...( my kids call that crabby food cause about 1 hour after I eat I feel and act crabby) So I listen to my cravings and ask a few questions...
Do I really want chocolate? or would a big hug or passionate kiss from my lover ( husband) do the trick? (*and I don't mean that the hug needs to come from someone else. The hugs we give our own souls are the most powerful!)
Yet it is surprising how often a big hug fills us up where food never will,
or going for a walk, or dancing around to your favorite songs, or being in the garden, or any of a thousand self nurturing things you can choose for yourself. But...sometimes I really want chocolate.. So Chocolate it is.

and just as "sugar makes you crave more sugar" the good news is that greens help you alleviate sugar cravings and hallelujah to that!
( celery juice is my big secret...more on that in the next post)
I also ask myself if my craving is what I call "mouth hunger) or really a deep body need. Feeding mouth hunger tends to make my favorite clothes not fit and cause my body to feel slow and yucky... on the other hand "feeding" deep true body hunger actually feels really good. Plus I feel energized and ready to go! So when I drive by a big barbecue and I can smell that barbecue smell associated with the July 4th and child hood..I say to myself, Yeah I can have that if I want it, "I am an eat what ever I want a tarian" I shout with delight...but how will make me feel after and how do I really feel about the meat industry? Would a yummy avocado, garden tomato, onion bread sandwich do the trick ( with an little crystal salt to splurge and indulge my salt craving) the answer is Yes!
Also it would be important to note that I have been filling my life with fresh greens and luscious fruits and vegetables for a while now and I know what beautiful natural foods quell my cravings so I don't often feel like I am "doing without" and that quiets my inner rebel.
I have also learned that there is so little true nutrition in the Standard American Diet (SAD) that your body might be feeling so" hungry" because it wants nutrition and you might just be giving it "fluff" so it kicks back on the hunger switch to get you foraging for something else...and the cycle continues...unless you make some changes
(Some would call me mainly "Raw Vegan" but the rebel within loves being an Eat-What-EVER-I-Want-a-tarian and
I think you might enjoy being one too!

P.S. All these desserts are raw vegan, let me know if you want recipes! They taste more delicious than they look.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Embracing our Creative Spirits!

Today is the Day! My interview on "Embracing your Creative Spirit" with my lovely friend Tiffany Windsor...on her inspired at home Blogtalk Radio show...I can't believe that I have butterflies...But I do. So much to try and share in short 10 minutes! The event is today at 4:00 Pacific time.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting with my old friends and sharing what is new in my life...
Probably the biggest surprise for all our old friends is the same big surprise my Husband Roban and I got on the day that our 24 year old daughter Rileigh was in labor with our first Grandchild..

I found out that I was expecting my own little age 47 (o.k. now I really have no secrets!)!

The photo at the beginning of this post is a three generation photo. Taken last Friday of me holding my perfect and beautiful 15 month old baby Maranda Aurora Indigo Bieber and she is holding her equally as yummy 3 week old niece Brooklyn Violet Hansen (Yes... my 2nd beautiful Grandchild)

As you can see our “green healthy eat all the fresh organic fruits and vegetables you desire” lifestyle has more than proven successful! I have never felt better or been more grateful for my blessings in my life...I had no idea how much fun this would be!

When I first told my husband ( Roban) that I was pregnant he said..." I always felt like there was one more spirit for us up in Heaven waiting to come into our family"...I replied, " Well I am glad that God told you...Cause I was Floored"
More photos of my family at the end of this post!

But lets take a minute and talk… about my book and upcoming...Book giveaway! Click on it if you want to purchase a copy.
Here are some of the projects in my book…everything is made from Felted wool sweaters from the back of the closet or from my local thrift store. The rush you get from felting on purpose is enormous! Especially if you have ever “accidentally” felted a favorite sweater! I also love the rush that comes from making a project in an afternoon…for a few bucks…vs. Spending big bucks on wool yarn taking and weeks and weeks to knit. Don’t get me wrong I am a knitter and I love to knit, but Creating projects this way feels like magic.

So here are the details. Share with me (by making a comment on my blog) your favorite recycling or repurposing craft project or wearable idea and the winner gets a Free copy of my book! Basically we are just sharing ideas on how we can redefine the supplies and stuff around our house…Can you say old unfinished needlepoint into cool new shopping bag, You know that kind of stuff.

Got to run... interview coming up! If you miss it tonight you can always down load it at blogtalk radio and hear it in your pajamas while you are making some cool project!...p.s. Add glitter! or at least put a little behind your fine perfume!
Here are photos of Skylar ( 10) Tristan (7), Rileigh 24 and my son in law Ben Hansen, Rileigh, My Granddaughter Jocelyn Rose ( and Marandas neice), Jason ( 23), Katelyn ( 18), Jocelyn, Skylar and Maranda, and of course the three generations Brooklyn, Maranda and Me!