Thursday, January 1, 2009

Confessions of a Reluctant blogger

Yes I admit it...I have avoided blogging for all the wrong reasons...You see I had the concept of blogging stuck in my mind as a "look at me...don't you think I amazing" type of concept. Which really does not make any sense as I love LOVE The blogs I check out...they are very from-the-
heart.... Yet something inside of me was confused or maybe insecure about sharing...It is not about "How cool do I think I am" But about "Look at this amazing thing, truth, blessing, idea I have discovered that I can't wait to share!!!" So Now that I have gotten that off of my chest..I am committing to be a prolific blogger and share beautiful and inspiring things of all kinds. Truths that I have learned or am learning about Life, heart, home and family!

2009 My year to shine!!! I started out this morning getting some truth off of my chest and then drove myself to the ocean and did my formerly traditional polar bear dip! It felt amazing, powerful, cleansing and pure. Not that the water in Santa Barbara was really that cold but the sky was very cloudy and the water had zero visibility! I could not see a thing. But somehow that was the great part...I trusted and dove in anyway, out of my comfort zone, trusting in God, myself and the future. The way I plan to live my life from now on.
Last year was the hardest of my life. Filled with the greatest blessings and the hardest challenges. Yet I emerged ( with Gods help) triumphant like the Phoenix from the flames. 2009 is my year (our year) to shine, to continue stepping out into the light, celebrate our creative spirits, connect with joy and be grateful for all that God has blessed us with!

This year I will be sharing a new craft tutorial, idea or project every month and I can't wait to get photos of the first one...That I have been promising forever, but right now I am off to make some raw vegan lemon bars!


  1. Hi,
    I often check your blog and really hope to see you writing more often. I've been a fan of your work for a long time.

  2. Hi mom! I like your blog!


  3. Good stuff. Looking forward to more of it. God Bless. Dad Bieber