Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of saying NO

Embracing the power of saying no I love living in an atmosphere of Yes! Yes I am, Yes I can, yes to adventure! Yes to Joy, Yes to life…Yes! Yes, yes! Saying “Yes” feels
abundant and empowering…I love living in the light, energy and power of a
“yes to life” attitude. And that means learning to say “No” when
appropriate, for when you say, "Yes," when you really mean, "No," you feel
resentful about whatever it was that you agreed to do.
This creates a huge energy drain emotionally and physically. Too much of the
wrong kind of yes and you begin to feel like Bilbo Baggins, in Lord of the
Rings when he said "I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread."

No seems like a simple two letter word, so why is saying “No” so much harder
than saying, yes?

The other day I was in a situation where I felt pressured to do something I
really did not want to do. The people pleaser inside of me said. “Of course!
Yes, No problem…”(20 letters) instead of “No” (2 letters) But as soon as
this false and people pleasing “Yes” came out of my mouth a little voice
inside of me started jumping up and down, stomping and screaming saying “No
way…are you kidding me? What are you thinking?, you know you don’t want to
do that!”…My lips said “yes” but my heart said “no” and it is time to listen
to my heart. Honoring this awareness I did something that we are all allowed
to do. I realigned my heart, mind and voice and said, “Hmm on second
thought, No I won’t be able to do that. Thank you so much for thinking of
me” The split second before the words no emerged from my lips, the people
pleaser in me panicked and said ” you are risking a lot. They might not
still like, love, and adore you if you say no!”…But I am embracing a truly
authentic life so I took the leap, honored my inner voice and the most
amazing thing happened. It felt fabulous! I felt this huge power surge! I
immediately had more energy, light, vision and joy! I honored my inner truth
and stayed on my path. It was exhilarating.

No" is such a powerful word let’s honor ourselves our truth and our path by
saying no when necessary allowing ourselves to embrace life with a heart
full of Yes!

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