Friday, March 9, 2012

Time to Embrace  our Personal Power
Being a loving selfless person is a great thing...but combine those traits with struggling self-esteem, being out of balance or “other” centered and you may find that you have been giving your power away. 
People can’t take our power without our permission.  But we can give it away with out realizing it. Especially if you have what Cheryl Richardson calls the “Disease to Please”. And believe me that is a disease of epidemic proportions!

Becoming aware of when and how you give your power away is the first step to owning and embracing it. This requires that you check in with your feelings when you notice you are feeling weak, ill, stressed, or like a victim and catch yourself in the act of giving it away.

The only way to own your power is to take 100% responsibility for your life, your choices and your actions.  Jack Canfield says to drop all the reasons you can’t succeed if you want to get ahead.  When we have set backs, we get side tracked with blame and excuses and victim stories we give away the power of personal responsibility.

Look closely and examine what really matters to you. Begin to discover your mission, vision, and purpose.  Positive change in the direction of personal power starts with awareness, understanding and acknowledgement. Shift away from focusing on your weak or negative characteristics and spend more time enjoying and embracing what you do best.

 Ken Robert teaches, “Confidence is all about learning to trust your self. You have to build that kind of trust, when you do you build confidence” learn to trust yourself and see yourself as God sees you. 

Don’t shortchange yourself or your potential to accomplish your goals and live a powerful life.

 Stepping into your own light and out of the shadows of fear. Stepping into your power is a choice and an ability that grows stronger the more you do it.

 Challenges rain down upon all of us. And each time we are presented with a trial we have a choice in how we address it.  Love or fear? Bitter or better? Powerful or weak?  Gary Zukav shares that “We have a right to be frustrated, we have a right to be fearful. We also have a right to be loving and happy. We have lot’s of rights…there are always choices which are you going to choose?

Our situations will change when we change – and we can change any time we like. Since “personal power is the ability to take action” says Tony RobbinsLet’s start today to own and embrace our personal power!
What is the first action you can take begin creating the life you were truly created to live...and love!