Monday, April 13, 2009

Fallen Angel

This has been a big year for me..
Our beautiful perfect baby girl... Maranda Aurora Indigo Bieber was born last March 19 and we just celebrated her first birthday!. She is busy giving out her first lip smacking kisses, talk about Yummy
Earlier in the year I trained for and ran in a half marathon,
Started speaking again professionally on my favorite topic "Celebrating and unleashing your Creative Spirit!"
Although... I think I should name the talk to "Creating a joyful life while living in a hurricane...." It's all about staying centered and I am talking eye of the storm... Which I admit is easier said than done. Many more trials (I know... blessings in disguise) snuck up on me this year including but not limited to falling off of my staircase and badly breaking my foot ( requiring surgery and a shiny new Titanium plate with 4 screws ( my 6 year old Tristan now calls me the Erector set mom!) and spraining both of my wrists...which definitely slowed down my design plans. But I am feeling better and stronger every day and learning to fly... again.

Now that I am feeling better , have really been enjoying doing hand work and am getting ready to launch some things on etsy.....My goal is to have things for sale by Friday! Mostly little girls one of a kind dresses with vintage laces and silk ribbons etc...
Something I can do with a sweet little one at my feet....and a smile in my heart...regardless of swirling hurricanes