Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it Time to "Re-Boot" your Creative Spirit?

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Have you ever had the experience of being really moved by someone’s art, blog or the expression of their creativity and then suddenly your emotions swing from a place of delight and admiration to a sinking, sickening feeling of depression or even panic? Maybe you say to yourself..”oh no!…They are so much more talented, or creative than I am…They are using my same idea… and they are doing it better!” Feeling like there was nothing left for you to offer the world? Well, you are not alone. I am pretty sure that we have all had that experience at one time or another…for what ever reason, most of the time when we make the mistake of comparing ourselves with others.. Guess what? We come up short! The question is how do we swing the pendulum back up to delight and celebrating our sisters gifts while recognizing and moving forward with our own?

First off we need to embrace our own power. Remember this. Your creative spirit is unique in all the world. When you allow joyful creative light to flow through the prism of your personality your art will touch the world in a way that nothing and no one else can… and that is important to remember as
the way we see ourselves determines what we think we are able to do and in turn what we are willing to try so …this is really important stuff

Sometimes we need to remind our selves of just how fabulous we are.

A few of easy ways to “reboot your joy” are to keep a kindness folder or scrapbook of things you are really proud of and notes from other people who get how amazing you are even when you forget from time to time…you might fill a special drawer, or create a gratitude journal of your talents and blessings. Jack Canfield encourages us to make a victory log of at least 50 accomplishments, things that that you might be especially proud of. We’ve all got at least 50 things to list even if we have to way back to learning walk or ride a bike or finger paint etc.
Leah Kolidas teaches “When you begin to doubt yourself, go to your folder, read a few of the notes you've saved, and soak up the love”
I have a special box filled with Rainy day toys that I use when I am having an emotionally rainy day. It contains a tiara, that I might don and prance around in...

plus some beautiful things that make me feel happy to look at and touch and some favorite quotes, letters and
photos, prisms, a bubble wand, rescue remedy, and maybe even a little chocolate...

The bottom line is this….People who feel good about themselves produce good results. In turn people who love and feel amazing about them selves. produce loving and amazing results…


So I challenge you to take a few minutes this week…start a kindness journal, a special scrapbook dedicated to your creative success, a victory log or creative rainy day box. Begin today to make a safe place where you can easily “reboot your joy”, remind yourself how fabulous you are, and soak up the love!


  1. Love this post! I think I'm going to write that list of 50 things to give myself an extra little boost on this day that I'm contemplating how/when to quit my day job.

  2. I love the idea of a creativity rainy day box! I so needed that yesterday. I use Rescue Remedy and also have beautiful essential oil spritzers that make me feel happy and loved.
    Thanks for this post and all the creative exuberance you share!